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How To Scale Your Business In A Very Sustainable Way

February 20, 2023

In this episode of Waking Up With Melissa Ruiz, I dive into the often confusing topic of scaling your business sustainably. It can be an incredibly intimidating process to find the right strategy for your soul business in today’s market, especially when there are so many successful (and not-so-successful) voices out there giving their tips and tricks. But remember: Once you commit to scaling your soul business sustainably, all that’s between you and success is the time and effort needed to get there. But it’s possible if you keep at it!


[00:40] Two pillars of sustainable business growth

[05:52] The value of charging what you’re worth and conducting group programs

[14:30] Finding the right balance between physical and digital

[24:00] Taking it one offer at a time

[27:45] Becoming the most authentic, expanded version of YOU

Two pillars of sustainable business growth

There are two pillars to ensuring you’re on the right track. The first is strategy. You can’t just haphazardly throw new activities onto your schedule and muscle your way to growth.

It’s a common myth that busyness equals productivity. Only focus on the right income-producing activities that play into your strengths to make the best use of your time, and delegate or outsource the rest.

The second pillar is your energy frequency. Often overlooked but no less important, your energy frequency encompasses your character traits, daily habits, beliefs, and attitude.

In other words, how you show up as an entrepreneur day after day has a tremendous impact on your business growth down the line.

Adopt the mindset of a champion and make sure that you’re only building a business that you love. The joy of entrepreneurship really kicks in once you learn to embody this simple yet powerful principle!

Enough with the $7 offers!

I know it can feel icky to think about pricing your offers. But if you think about it, what you’re offering is value, isn’t it?

Why feel shame about being compensated and making a living off of not only something you’re passionate about, but also something that serves as your contribution to the world?

When you think about it that way, there’s no reason to set the lowest possible prices for your offers! Besides, since we’re talking about sustainability, selling a ton of offers alone (probably to low-quality clients overwhelmingly) will lead to burnout before you know it.

Running your soul business successfully means that your ideal client is coming to you. You’re not the one doing the chasing!

Charge what you’re worth. If you do, you won’t only be building your wealth, but you’ll also attract only those clients who are committed to and serious about growing with your guidance simply because they’ve made a substantial investment in you.

In a similar vein, think about switching from one-on-one coaching or consulting sessions to group programs to make a bigger impact while substantially leveraging your time. That doesn’t mean getting rid of your one-on-ones completely, but if you want to scale sustainably, don’t rely on them to make up the bulk of your business.

Take advantage of physical and digital

Some people commit to doing business solely using the internet and social media. Others, who believe there’s no replacing belly-to-belly interactions, go all-in on in-person meetings and events.

I’m here to tell you that there’s value in doing both. The internet is amazing and has opened the doors to so much opportunity. But it’s just that: a tool.

And it’s true that there’s nothing like building a relationship face-to-face. Do the workshops, conferences, and retreats.

Most importantly, like everything else we’ve talked about, you should do what you feel most comfortable doing. Don’t just do something because “everyone else” does. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Take things at your own pace

Entrepreneurship is all about the long game.

Don’t feel pressured to put out multiple offers at the same time, and narrow down your focus.

Niche down as much as you can, put out a single offer, master this particular area in your business, and continue to expand once you’ve achieved mastery. Don’t give yourself an opportunity to get stuck because you spread yourself too thin and lose sight of your purpose.

One of the most important keys to sustainability is how your current and potential tribe regards you. The biggest value you can give them is not the offer itself, but your love and your time.

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