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Collaboration and Connection: Networking for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

June 24, 2023

In this episode of Waking Up with Melissa, I’m going to discuss the ‘Sisterhood wound’ and ‘Competition Energy’ in the community of spiritual entrepreneurs. We live in a culture that often encourages tearing others down in order to be the best in our respective industries. But when did this culture begin and how can we start healing it? Listen now to gain valuable insights about bringing a positive shift in your community and yourself!


[00:03:21] Importance of collaboration and connection for spiritual entrepreneurs

[00:07:05] Forming meaningful partnerships and support

[00:12:18] The importance of leading with love and genuine upliftment

[00:16:23] Creating and cultivating deeper relationships in the community 

[00:18:59] Moving away from a culture of tearing others down in order to win

What are ways that we can start to collab with one another

  1. They are not your competition. This is family. This is one human mind. 

I think about the entire universe as if it was an entire body. And so if we’re all made up of this entire body, I might be the finger. This other person might be the hand. You might be the leg. We’re all talking about the same thing. The hand is not better than the foot, and the foot is not better than the liver. All of it works together. This is a remembrance that we are one network. We are one unit. And the more we see each other this way, the less separation we have.

  1. Networking is important.

As a business owner, as a spiritual entrepreneur, get into the room with people, fly out and go to a retreat.

When did we become the people that were so obnoxious and now charging people to have a coffee date with them or a tea date? We don’t have to charge for every single thing. Money is not the only form of currency. Time is one of the biggest forms of currency. Tap into your heart and understand the difference between connecting with people because you believe it’s going to lead to a good business opportunity, and then just connecting with people because you want to form a community.

  1. Get behind projects that you believe.

Do you know how powerful it is when somebody looks over to you and says, “Wow, I believe in what you’re doing. Keep going.” 

Not everything needs to lead to a dollar.

I want to get involved not because of any other reason behind it. I’m getting involved with my energy. I’m getting involved with uplifting the community. 

I hold that truth for myself, I pass that on to people. 

Remember, whatever you have, you give it to people. And this is why it’s so important that we alchemize this sisterhood wound, that we alchemize this jealousy, that we alchemize this competition. Because whatever you have, when you show up that way, you give it to other people. You don’t even know that you’re doing it by the way you give it to them with your energy. People pick up your energy.

The importance of leading oneself and the community better

It doesn’t take one person to do this.

We all have to look at ourselves in the mirror, and I hope that we all tune into this very important message and that we ask ourselves…

How can I lead myself better?

How can I lead this community better?

How can I show up with more love, with more support to the people who are already here?

How can I stop trying to be anywhere else and just acknowledge all of the love and all of the support that I have right now?

That’s how we do it and ultimately, is what starts the healing process. 

Remember, we’re all navigating our own programming as well. And so it takes a village, human beings, and it all goes back and boils down to the way you lead.

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