Watch the 100% FREE training and learn to create a successful business that fires you up and feeds your soul. 

In this mystical masterclass, you’ll learn...

What is it you’ve been put here to do? What’s YOUR unique gift to share with others? I’m going to help you uncover your calling and package it to provide a soul-led service. 
Abundance, money, prosperity… These aren’t things you need to work hard for! They can naturally flow to you while you live a life of total balance. How? Find out through my registered and revolutionary UNVEIL framework. 
You deserve abundance without having to run yourself ragged. You deserve a sustainable business that’s in alignment with how YOU want to live your life. I’ll show you how to unlock a life that gives you exactly what you desire and deserve. 
...strategies you can use to create a soulful business that generates Soulful Currency® and makes a true difference, including:

#3 Building a Soul Business You Love

#1 How to Get Clarity on Your Dharma

#2 How to Create Soulful Currency®

I’m ready to design the life of my dreams

This is for you if:

You believe you can have business success and honor your highest and divine self

You’re ready to live a life in alignment with your God-given purpose and mission 

You’re determined to create conscious impact to improve the lives of others 

This is NOT for you if: 

You aren’t spiritually open or connected to a greater sense of purpose

You’re not ready to discover your true calling and purpose on Earth

You believe success is solely defined by how much money you have in your account

I’m ready to design the life of my dreams

Why me? 

I’m Melissa Ruiz and they call me the Quantum and Soulful Biz Queen (there’s your first reason!). 

I’m a spiritual entrepreneur that does the ‘impossible’ every day – leads a wildly prosperous business with soul, without ever sacrificing my free time and peace. I am living proof you can merge spirituality and business together to create a fabulous and abundant life. 

Learn how to do it from me, the founder of Melissa Ruiz Empowerment, a certified yoga teacher, a mindset expert and an online soulpreneur business coach. 

I wasn’t always an entrepreneur. I built my empire from scratch…

After working as an MTV TV producer for 13 years, I left my local New York life behind to pursue my true passion and purpose.

I quit the 6 figure job, got a divorce, and now I mentor mystical, off-beat entrepreneurs to start and scale their businesses through a spiritually universal lens.

I’ll help you manifest your grand vision and create the conscious business of your dreams. 

Hi Humans! 

Teach me what you know, Melissa