I’ll give you everything you need to build a soulful business that not only makes soulful currency but also makes a positive impact in the world.
You’ll come away with practical tips and strategies to help you build a business that feels fulfilling and meaningful.

in this Mystic training you’ll learn...

We all have unique gifts we come into this life with. I’m going to help discover what it is that you do that’s completely different than anyone else so you package it into something so unique to ONLY you.
Attracting abundance, money and prosperity is NOT something we have to earn or work hard for. I’m going to share with you my registered framework on how soulful selling is service and my unique UNVEIL framework.
You deserve to not be overworked and underpaid. Having a sustainable business that’s in alignment with how you really want to live your life is going to UNLOCK a reality you only dreamed of so buying back your time is critical to making this move.

The strategies that you can use to create a soulful business that not only makes Soulful Currency® but also makes a difference in the world.

#3 Building a Soul Business You Love

#1 How to Get Clarity on Your Dharma

#2 How to Create Soulful Currency®